This is a diagram showing what what the look of ‘talking head’ interviews will be with social distancing in place. The top row is out of question because the camera is positioned too close to the subject to be safe. The 50mm and 85mm looks are achievable and don’t have as much of a ‘distanced’ and ‘removed’ look that the 135mm brings - plus I don’t have a long enough lens for the 135mm @22ft anyway.
If we were to shoot an interview at the collective space (I know Rebecca mentioned interviewing Tyrone about the plans for the space) showing the unfinished space behind the subject could be a good idea, similar to the images above. This would pair well with the illustrations we have planned. 
I like the idea of these types of shots as B-Roll for the video. They would be possible to do from my own home, which makes things easy social-distancing-wise. I could even rope in my dad, who is a chef by trade, to help.
As a rough guide, this is how I envision the story playing out.
•Short snippets of interviews with potential members of the kitchen, talking about their food, cooking styles, journeys and how the kitchen may benefit them. This is intercut with B-Roll of cooking/food.
•Interview with someone involved with the collective, talking about what the kitchen will be, why it is needed. What is Good Food? Why will it benefit people? B-Roll of the kitchen space (or what will become the kitchen space). This is where the illustrations can go.
•Call to action. How can people get involved? Link to crowdfunder and The Crosby Collective website.
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